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As a new pet parent, I had so many questions. After all, I had not had a puppy in over 20 years...let alone two of them! I was lucky enough to find Dr. Lisa's puppy handbook and it answered all of my questions and taught me many new things I didn't know! It covered every detail of every topic that I needed to know to get started as a good pet parent. Whether you are a puppy parent for the very first time or have had puppies in the past, I highly recommend this book to answer all of your questions to become a successful pet parent.

Dee H., Pet Parent in California

Highly recommend this as a thorough, insightful but extremely accessible resource to new and seasoned pet owners. As a practitioner, I can assure you that it provides all essential information and is easier to browse and refer back to than the typical client education print outs given at an appointment that often get lost in a pile of invoices. An invaluable read that should be part of any dog household.

Dr. Melanie C., Veterinarian in Virginia

A must read for new puppy owners! This book is life changing. I wasn’t sure where to begin with our newest addition to the family during covid. It was really hard to get into my local vet clinic and I was lucky to find Dr. Lisa’s book. Each section is really easy to follow and full of incredibly helpful tips, tricks, and recommendations for a new puppy owner like me. I know because of this book, I will now avoid the typical pitfalls that new owners usually encounter the hard way. So grateful for all of this helpful information and guidance. 

Ryan S., Pet Parent in Arizona

This e-book is AWESOME!! What a time-saver for busy general practice veterinarians who care about their pet-parents and their new furry loved one. This is a great way to educate families about ALL things puppy, but are very limited in time. Dr. Lisa did an exceptional job at choosing topics that are relevant. Her message is concise and educational yet very endearing, approachable and sympathetic – many of her lessons have stories about her own pups! I am definitely going to recommend this to all my puppy owners - first-time or not it is a great way to bridge the gap between how I want to educate all my families and the actual amount of time I have in my appointment to make it happen. Thanks for this gem Dr. Lisa!

Dr. Amy T., South Carolina

I love the simplicity of this book. We are primarily cat owners but looking to become new puppy parents. This book gives us all the tools we need to effectively do that. Great resource.

Ronda M., Pet Parent in Florida